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About Spain

Known for its history, art, bullfights, flamenco, beaches and many hours of sunshine a year, is Spain, however, not only this, but much more.

This land is and has been for thousands of years - one of the most important cultural centers of Europe. With a monuments of exceptional historical and artistic value, not to mention the extraordinary natural beauty with this ancient peninsula that account. It has been used the topic of "Spain is different", Since it is a country full of contrasts, starting with its climate and diverse landscapes. In turn, each region, each city within the same region, and sometimes each village, has a reality so different and fascinating. This is due to the rich history of this country and the many ethnic groups who once bringing customs, traditions and diverse art forms that sometimes coalesced into something completely new and indigenous and sometimes remained unchanged for centuries. In any case it is difficult to explain in brief, all these aspects, so it's best to know Spain will visit and make your own opinion.

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