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Extra Curricular Activities

As part of the linguistic immersion experience, it is necessary to devise activities to bring students closer to the Spanish culture and people. The schools prepare the different extra-curricular activities that you will be able to enjoy after your lessons. Depending, of course, of the region the Schools are located in, they offer a series of extra-curricular activities which perfectly complement the in-class teaching. Some examples are: group meals, visits to museums, cinemas and theatres, cultural tours, etc.

Extra Curricular Activities


Spain enjoys a great diversity in its culture, nature and climate.

Each region offers you countless possibilities so that, in addition to learning Spanish, you can enjoy the stay chosen.



Spain is famous for the rich variety of its cuisine, so you will be able to enjoy everything from fun and economical tapas meals to the high cuisine of our internationally renowned greatest chefs.



You can learn Spanish and play sports; you only have to decide which one; from water sports to mountain sports and everything in between!

This is the homeland of Nadal, Fernando Alonso, “La Roja” national football team, and many others…



Your stay could coincide with one of our interesting and fun traditional celebrations:
Ferias, Easter, Carnivals…
we are sure you have already heard about some of them.