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We are one of the premier resources for musical groups touring Spain and Portugal.
For over a decade, we have provided combined concert and festival organization and promotion as well as tour operator services for amateur, semi-professional and professional ensembles, bands, choirs and orchestras.

We partner with experienced musical agents, festival organizers, orchestra and choral directors and artistic management companies from around the Iberian Peninsula to ensure the best conditions for your performance group tours. We offer complete tourist and artistic services so that your concert tour is guaranteed to be a success from start to finish. Just tell us what tour want, and we will create a tailor-made music tour in the cities you desire, before appreciative audiences in magnificent venues.

Our goal is to offer to each musical group, from amateur to professional, the opportunity to tour and performance in Spain.

Music in Spain

It is well-known that music can modify time, adjusting it to its rhythm, seemingly speeding it up, slowing it down and even stopping it.

We would like to offer such possibilities to you and to your musicians and singers groups .Imagine them performing in Romanesque churches, medieval castles, gothic cathedrals and renaissance palaces. Just dream for a while and let us make it reality" With most than ten years of experience in organizing tour activities and music tours, we at PERFORM IN SPAIN have been successfully operating in Spain and other European countries, ensuring a complete quality tourist service and the best conditions for your artistically leisure-time activities in Spain and Portugal. We specialize in "a capella" music. Since 1986, with our Music agent, Juan Montalvo, we have been providing tours in Spain to amateur and semi-professional choirs from all over the USA. On average, five concerts are performed during 10 day tours. Some groups have participated in Spring and Summer Festivals throughout Spain and Portugal. We offer top professional organization for your tours, maintaining close ties with private sponsors, different cultural authorities in municipal and local governments, and Spring and Summer Festival organizations. For you, group leader/music conductor, we can suggest different sample of itineraries following the main routes, or we can be able to quote and to send you some others, really tailor made ones, according to the group needs and its budget.