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Teaching Methodology & Teaching Staff

The method of education, accredited by the Cervantes Institute, is based on motivation, communication and practical experience. The classes consist of a maximun of 6-8 students of the same level. The schools guarantee that their facilities are adequate to the teaching of a language and have classrooms equipped with all the necessary tools for learning: support material, didactic material and IT equipment. Other quality services offered by our schools are access to libraries, to student areas, administrative assistance regarding all aspects of the course, etc. Quality in the areas of cleanliness, comfort and accessibility of the facilities is also guaranteed. Our Spanish Language Centres offer different types of courses all year round, both for youngsters and adults.

Teaching Methodology & Teaching Staff

We try to make the student learn to face everyday situations in our language and that is why our lessons are given in Spanish from the first day. In order to apply this method, we have native teachers who combine their own language with intensive training. In addition, the reduced number of students in each class is an advantage, which creates a familiar atmosphere that provides more efficient learning.

The quality of teaching is mainly determined by the quality of the courses and the teaching staff. All the schools have a course content planning system in place and a course structure with effective methodology which is adapted to the needs of the pupils. The quality of their service, essential to the teaching of Spanish, also includes evaluation and guidance tools for students to be aware of their progress.

The Centres for Spanish Teaching also rely on teaching teams who are qualified and equipped with the theoretical and practical notions of quality that apply to the courses.
The student will be is capable of performing a set of concrete tasks or actions in his or her social environment. And can do so across the different language skills learnt – written comprehension and expression and oral comprehension and expression. The student will be capable of communicating across these distinct channels of communication. This will be made possible by using the methods and materials that the schools itself have developed.

The methodology of the schools has been endorsed by the Cervantes Institute. The Institute makes regular school inspections in order to ensure themselves of the quality of Accredited Centres, the quality of the methodology and the ability of the teachers to make sure our students are able to achieve the specified communicative objectives at each level.