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Why our company?

As part of the linguistic immersion experience, it is necessary to devise activities to bring students closer to the Spanish culture and people. The schools prepare the different extra-curricular activities that you will be able to enjoy after your lessons. Depending, of course, of the region the Schools are located in, they offer a series of extra-curricular activities which perfectly complement the in-class teaching .Some examples are: group meals, visits to museums, cinemas and theatres, cultural tours, etc.


THE SPANISH IMMERSION is a Division of Fiesta Tours S, L, this department is focused to on learning our language, and we combine the studio with culture and fun.

Our company is comprised of suitably qualified staff has over 20 years of dedication to the world of tourism. In essence, our mission is to fulfill your dream and allows visitors to enter into the heart and soul of Spain to experience the exquisite and intimate pleasures of its life and history, through the Study.

Where better to learn Spanish than in the country where it is spoken?
“The answer is:

The quality of teaching is mainly determined by the quality of the courses and the teaching staff. All the schools that we offer you have a course content planning system in place and a course structure with effective methodology which is adapted to the needs of the pupils.

The quality of their service, essential to the teaching of Spanish, also includes evaluation and guidance tools for students to be aware of their progress. Also rely on teaching teams who are qualified and equipped with the theoretical and practical notions of quality that apply to the courses.

The schools are accredited for the federation of Spanish schools, Instituto Cervantes or other private schools that guarantee all aspects of their academic service through the Quality Stamp.



The General Director, After working for many years one of the most important Spanish tour operators, first as a guide, directing groups from various countries, and then as Commercial Director, creating new routes and destinations, Jose Luis joined his present associates to create THE SPANISH IMMERSION a Division of FIESTA TOURS S,L .

Our staff (Operation manager, Logistic Coordinator, client relations, tour leaders, tour managers .. etc ) is composed of personnel with over 20 years experience in the world of tourism, receiving to the visitors and working to make your experience unique.


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